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Thread: H&K G3 market in East Africa

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiwigrunt View Post
    Hmmm, I'm surprised to hear that. The R1 is really just a SA made FN FAL. I plink the R1 ammo through my G1 which is for all intent and purposes the same toy. Never had a problem with it (in saying that, it's not as if I've gone through thousands of rounds).
    As I reluctantly recall from my Sub-Saharan days, it was more the SA ammo than the weapon. I also seem to recall the FN having a heavier barrel. Perhaps I got that Sierra backwards

    Quote Originally Posted by Kiwigrunt View Post
    M-A Lagrange:

    If you have trouble getting your hands on the ammo, try to keep an eye open for the packaging, boxes, cases etc. Even just colours etc may perhaps give some clues.
    Valid point going back to the Sergeant Major's link to the Small Arms Survey. The head stamp will identify the manufacturer's country of origin, but the packaging will identify many other things such as the original destination. Either way you are in for a ton of investigative work.

    My best guess still resides with Kenya - Their historic love for the G3 (during that period of time twice as expensive as the AK) together with cheap and easy access to 7.62 NATO
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    So my where it comes from question has 2 levels:
    - where it comes from locally in that part of African, what are the roads taken by the weapons on the continent?
    The million dollar answer...

    -And where it comes from: who is manufacturing the ammo.
    I would start by finding DDR points. Those monitors your walking with should know all to well, or should! Alot of information on your second question could be answered. If you ever observed a DDR point, it's a treasure trove for information, and a real treat if your a gun nut.

    In my opionion this will not give you a 100% answer, but it would be a good source. However, even if you determine the actual place it was produced, it does not really mean alot until you put a few other pieces together. If you have say both AK and H&K ammo with the same stamps, now that would be interesting.

    Good Luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stan View Post
    Hey Jarod,
    I read that but I'm not confident with most Wiki entries without a little more research.

    There's another AllAfrica story regarding Hibret Machine Tools. Based on this para from the article, I gotta wonder exactly what they really do
    Hey Stan,
    I agree with not completely relying on wiki articles, especially something this obscure. The Homicho Complex does get a nod on this USA War College doc from 2009 Link. So I'm inclined to think that it's still in operation. Next time I'm in that corner of the world, I'll drop by the front gate and ask the nice man at the gate holding the AK whether a tour of the facility can be arranged. And of course I will report back here on the hilarity that will ensue.

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    Does anyone have an idea about the small arms (G3 especially) in far west Ethiopia?
    I am thinking of the Ikoroma ethnic group in particular but the whole area is under interrest.



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    Quote Originally Posted by M-A Lagrange View Post
    Does anyone have an idea about the small arms (G3 especially) in far west Ethiopia?
    I am thinking of the Ikoroma ethnic group in particular but the whole area is under interrest.
    You'll find G3's anywhere in Africa where the National Armies had them, or with anyone which had backing from Saudi Arabia. My guess is, there will almost certainly be some.
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