In a recent Tom Hicks/FP piece, Dr. Anthony Cordesman, writing in response to MG Flynn's "Fixing Intel" report does a complete hatchet job on so many areas of metrics.

Amidst all the red, yellow, green charts, he argues the need for fundamental net assessments, and not just intel, and plans, that reach the full range of relevant issues---the Big Picture tracker, I guess.

Some of his targets include:

Assessing allies as an Intelligence Target

A War for Political Influence, Control and Attrition

The Shadow Government and Its Political Structure and Justice Provision

Afghan and Allied Humint

Population Centers and Stability Operations Centers

"Dealing with the Threat from the State Department and Aid Community"

Amongst all the comments and responses to the Fixing Intel Thread are plenty of pieces of the puzzle, but no complete picture.

What is the metrics package needed to accurately track and monitor Afghanistan?