I've received two RFI from the new media / press - one from Mother Jones and one from Wired's Danger Room.

From Mother Jones - I’m a reporter with Mother Jones Magazine working on a story translation contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have been speaking with sources at the DCAA, the Defense Department auditing arm, who have raised concerns about the quality of translation services provided under these contracts. I’m trying to get a sense of whether this is still viewed as an issue in military circles, and whether it is or ever was a problem that has caused casualties on the battlefield. Do you have any sense of whether the translators who embed with troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are sufficiently proficient in English and/or the native language? Do you have any suggestions for people I might want to contact to get of the degree to which this has been an issue for people in the field? Any help is much appreciated.

From Danger Room: I'm trying to get a handle on whether troops in Afghanistan are actually any non-lethal weapons or “escalation of force” kits used at checkpoints. I’m talking anything from laser dazzlers to vehicle-stopping nets to simple caltrops and loudspeakers. Would you mind posting my question, and asking people in the know to contact me at danger_room@wired.com? Thanks!

If you'd like to answer these questions please PM me with your e-mail address and I'll hook you up...