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Thread: 60 Minutes special on SF in A'stan

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    Default 60 Minutes special on SF in A'stan

    Thought I'd pass this on. Looks interesting.

    60 Minutes spent over two months with a Green Beret unit, as they trained a group of Afghan soldiers, and then went into battle with them against the Taliban.

    Lara Logan's report, examining a strategy requested by the president to train more Afghan troops, will broadcast this Sunday, January 31, at 7 p.m. ET/PT, on CBS.



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    Default A review of this TV programme

    Found on: and in this report today Babatim reports: (please ignore the photo of the intrepid reporter).

    Here is a taste:
    Of course the segment has all the annoying crap one associates with Special Forces – only using first names, wearing sunglasses to “protect their identity,” and digitizing all who do not have sunglasses on, as if the Taliban has an arm in America which is going to hunt these guys down some day. The Taliban do hunt down ANA Commandos in their home villages and kill them, but none of the ANA commandos have their faces digitized or identities hidden.

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    Tim tends to get irritated with the rock-star status of the ODA guys in Afghanistan. He's a man who favors substance over appearance and I'm with him there, but I think he carries it a little too far sometimes.
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    Lara Logan report on Green Berets. I will watch it for the entertainment value.

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    Yep, definitely many lessons on what not to do in that clip.

    The Free Range International post is humorous, but still spot on.

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    Default Far more about the reporter than the report

    – only using first names, wearing sunglasses to “protect their identity,” and digitizing all who do not have sunglasses on, as if the Taliban has an arm in America which is going to hunt these guys down some day.
    ...and did not protect their identity. All those guys were recognisable to anyone taking an actual interest.
    Where I come from, if you talk to a camera, you're simply disqualifying yourself from the description of "quiet professional." There is no good reason to do it. Nothing wrong with USSF, but this was mistake.
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