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    Default Tartan Taleban

    The title comes from an article in The Spectator, a weekly UK magazine, written by Peter Oborne, one of the better political journalists we have and appeared a month ago. Sub-titled 'What Sir Walter Scott's Highland tales can teach us about Afghanistan'.

    Many will know here I like to 'look back, to look forward'.


    The struggle of the United States and its allies against Islamic insurgents in Iraq, Afghanistan and other parts of the globe is in essential respects identical to the battle between the British redcoats and the Scottish Highlanders of the 18th century. One side believes that it represents enlightenment and progress, the other side that it has no choice but to stand up for its liberties, beliefs and practices. Both sides regard their opponents as barbarous. We are talking about two ways of understanding family, community, ethics, religion, the state and mankind.
    The harsh, brutal English response to the last rebellion from the Scottish Highlands, in 1745, is laid out: military recruitment, bribery, modernisation and ethnic cleansing.

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    We have indeed grown up and become our parents in many regards. This is one of the uglier habits we acquired.
    Robert C. Jones
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    (Understanding is more important than Knowledge)

    "The modern COIN mindset is when one arrogantly goes to some foreign land and attempts to make those who live there a lesser version of one's self. The FID mindset is when one humbly goes to some foreign land and seeks first to understand, and then to help in some small way for those who live there to be the best version of their own self." Colonel Robert C. Jones, US Army Special Forces (Retired)

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