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Thread: Indirect Fire Support in Small Wars

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    Default Disagree on the dismounts.

    Quote Originally Posted by reed11b View Post
    Nope...19M (bradley operator) and 19H/D (anti armour scout/crewman). Dismounts can be 11B...
    Make 'em 19Ds Cav Scts .

    Sort of kidding; I believe in Dragoons...

    Mech infantry and light infantry both have a place but they are also very different insofar as mindset is concerned. Put a light 11B in a Mech unit and most will not like it at all; the reverse is also true...
    11H only makes sense if they had more anti-tank infantry weapons then we currently use.
    You'd make a great personnel guy; no specialists, only one MOS for all.

    You can rest assured we'll have a lot more Inf AT wpns if we get in a war with a modern armed force...
    I would bring back 11D (infantry scout) instead of poaching the line doggies for there best soldiers.
    Not quite. Back in the 60s, 11D was a Cavalry Scout (and 11E, Tank Crewman). It existed long ago and far away when the Per community once before tried to get down to one MOS. Unsuccessfully, naturally. They later became 19D and 19E. LINK which they still are today.

    The true Infantry Scout back in those days was an 11F. Actually, that was for the NCOs, SGT and above -- the Troops in the Recon Platoons were 11Bs in Abn and Light Inf, 11M in Mech while the Tm and Sqd Ldrs plus the PSG were 11Fs. All were 11Ds in the Cav (except for the Armored Cav Plt which also had 11/19Es and 11B/Ms AND 11Cs ).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Entropy View Post
    Ok, speaking from my ignorant Navy/Air Force perspective:

    Why not a "fire support" MOS trained to do all the different arty fires as well as fixed and rotary wing?
    The German army attempts this with "JFST" (joint fire support teams).
    I suspect it would be a "no enough for everyone" solution in a hot conflict, to be confined to the Schwerpunkt of the Bde (plus probably one or to on dominating heights).

    edit: To clarify: I don't whether it's actually a matter of careers. We did combine mortar, arty FO and air attack forward controller, though.

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    Default Mos 13F

    Quote Originally Posted by Entropy View Post
    Why not a "fire support" MOS trained to do all the different arty fires as well as fixed and rotary wing?
    Ask and you shall receive--click here. The description of the MOS makes it seem though these guys are headquarters weenies when in fact they spend their field time with infantry and armor units.

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    Army Fast Tracks GPS Mortar Round

    The Army is fast tracking a GPS guided 120mm mortar round to Afghanistan in response to an urgent request for precision mortar fire from commanders on the ground there, and should be fielded by the end of the year.

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    Default Details Emerge on Army's Failed NLOS-LS Missile

    In testimony before lawmakers yesterday, David Duma, OSD’s Principal Deputy Director for Operational Testing and Evaluation (OT&E), detailed failings of the Army’s Non-Line of Sight Launch System (NLOS-LS).
    During the most recent tests carried out in February, new navigation software caused six of seven total system aborts. Overall missile reliability is just 61 percent, well below the 85 percent requirement. The missile’s problems appear to be with its infrared seeker; missiles using the IR seeker hit only 5 out of 11 times during tests last year and again this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by entropy View Post
    ok, speaking from my ignorant navy/air force perspective:

    Why not a "fire support" mos trained to do all the different arty fires as well as fixed and rotary wing?
    13 Fox
    Sir, what the hell are we doing?

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    Hope this is the right place to put this- 106mm recoilless rifle being used by US Army Special Forces in Afghanistan. Sorry no further info:

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