I'm putting a paper together mostly for an NGO/development crowd. The itch I'm scratching is a tendency in those circles to see soldiers and soldiers' work in conflict and post-conflict as different in kind from themselves and their own work. This conceit is unhelpful in all sorts of ways.
The paper I'm working on compares at tactical COIN and asset based community development. The summary work I have done has found that there are high levels of overlap at a field level, in principle, in politics and in relationships with bureaucrats.

On the civilian side I have no issues with material. On the military side, high level material is easy to get. Field level stuff, and material that discusses internal, ahem, difficulties is much harder. This is frustrating because most of the contacts I have in the Canadian Forces confirm what I'm looking for but I can't find material I can cite.

So...I have one tribe at a time. That one is great.
I want as many documents like that as I can get my hands on. They key is stuff that lets me have a rather unpolished look at how folks construct themselves, their work, the communities they work in and the hierarchy they work for.

In an ideal world, I would be able to sit down with a couple of dozen folks from the SF community. Not likely. It took me 2 years to negotiate my way in the side door of the Canadian forces...so I can't imagine it would be any easier elsewhere.


thanks in advance
of course,
I'll post what I am forwarded and what I produce here.