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Default German police

I cannot stand the "COIN comes home to assist policing" thread, so I won't post this there.

Here's something that's no doubt more inspiring than warfare for policemen: German police fired 85 bullets in 2011

google translate version of original German message

Six persons killed, 15 wounded by police gunshots in an entire year.
Population: 81.8 million
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Itwilllbeok sez, "According to the German Police University police officers used exactly 85 bullets in 2011 - 49 warning shots, 36 shots on suspects. 15 persons were injured, 6 were killed. Germany has a population of about 80 million. (This does only take into account shots in connection with crimes. There were an additional 9000 shots on dangerous, sick and injured animals)."
It's okay, Germany, Ricky Bobby is all over your problem.
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Default Hielten sich fur Captain Kirk


Chris Rock - Bullet Control - Youtube
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49 warning shots!? We don't do that hear.
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