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Default Nuclear Power

From Jamestown: Turkish Government May Approve Construction of a Nuclear Power Plant in April

The final issue to be discussed is pricing. The consortium had offered Turkey a price of 21.16 cents per kWh for the electricity. Experts found this price to be almost four times higher than the current rates in the Turkish market, which vary from 4 to 14 cents.
Prices in various other countries are much lower. The price per kWh for nuclear energy in the United States, for example, is about 4.65 cents...
From Arms Control Wonk: Iran's Equinox: FMP Comes Online

Now, nobody with intact critical faculties really thinks the so-called fuel enrichment plant at Natanz was originally meant to make enriched reactor fuel, and if the idea is energy production, there’s certainly little point in operating it today. Russia supplies the fuel for Bushehr, and completing the Darkhovin reactor hasn’t been a high priority, as Frank Pabian has pointed out. In any case, Iran lacks the uranium to fuel either of these reactors. But going ahead anyway and turning low-enriched uranium (LEU) into fuel rods would materially demonstrate what Iranian spokesmen have repeatedly asserted about the peaceful nature of the nuclear project. And that would buy time for everyone involved.
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