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Default The Geopolitics of Clandestine Innovation

A snappy title from a DoD white paper 'The “New” Face of Transnational Crime Organizations (TCOs): A Geopolitical Perspective and Implications to U.S. National Security' by a NPS academic Rodrigo Nieto-Gomez; his bio:

An interesting short review of innovation by criminal opponents, using, rather predictably for me in the UK, Mexico as the setting.

In places it is not an easy read, for example:
At the center of this controversy is a geopolitical question: What is the relation between territory, global pipelines (or networks) formed by human capital and radical innovation?
Caveat aside, it is worth reading, this sentence resonates with me:
..governmental technologies would benefit from following the obsolescence path, understanding that any particular technology is not an end in itself that will “solve” the TCO problem..

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