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Media, Information & Cyber Warriors Getting the story, dealing with those who do, and operating in the information & cyber domains. Not the news itself, that's here.

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MASSIVE TROLL ACTIVITY: Do not click on any links from anyone you don't know. 1000s of compromised accts in past 24 hours.
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Originally Posted by OUTLAW 09 View Post

Russian trolls are attacking twitter users with an app that makes Twitter think you're trying to approve a malicious third party app, causing Twitter to lock your account for safety reasons.

Don't fret, you've not been hacked, this is part... of an intense pro-active troll-farm op designed to keep users from discussing the crumbling Trump presidency.

Russia sees their asset (Trump) falling apart and are doing everything to control the news. It's a hail-mary pass.

Today we have seen over 2.5M Russian controlled Twitter bots swarming out to block as many anti Trump twitter accounts that are reporting on anything pertaining to Trump, Trump Jr. and Russians.

Currently Trump Followers have climbed to 1.8M in just under four weeks AND all are non human bots that is averaging 450K per week and that costs a lot of money to create even on the criminal side of twitter.

This is a concentrated attack against non Trump supporters on Twitter AND Twitter Support has remained largely silent.....WHY is that.

This is the third type of Russian twitter attack in the last ten days...

There is now a true Russian social media info war and it is up front and in your face and the US government also says nothing.
Seems anyone criticizing Putins invasion of Ukraine is on the list. Mine was locked out early this morning.

There is a concentrated attempt by Russian trolls and bots to block all anti Trump and proUkraine Twitter accounts
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Default Apple users: Critical Security Update from Apple

This landed via a local university IT advisory alert:
Apple released a critical update (iOS 10.3.3) on Wednesday 19 July to update security vulnerabilitieswithin your contacts, messages, notifications and Safari. This affects the following devices: iPhone 5 to iPhone 7, fourth-generation iPad and later versions, and the iPod Touch 6th generation.
Instructions on how to update the iOS software can be found here:
More information on the update can be found here:

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cyber, malware, threats

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