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Default Whackamole: IS in Central Asia

A short overview by two academics; their title being 'How big a threat is Islamic State in Central Asia?'. Is the local "war on terror" real, or just a way of retaining power? Leaving aside the export of four thousand fighters to the Middle East.

Given the history of skilled SOF joining Islamist groups, I suspect this is not a good sign:
The recent defection to IS of Tajik special forces commander (with US training), Gulmorod Khalimov, was also understood as an example of “radicalisation”. While the full context of these events has not been made clear, it’s doubtful that they indicate a broad trend of IS activity in the region. In the case of Khalimov, at least, his defection was probably more tied to his falling out with the regime than to any jihadist conviction.

The original report on the defection cited:

There is an old, small closed thread (2006-2012) which covers the broader competition for power in the region:
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