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Default The Warrant Officer: Musing of a Chairborne Soldier

Just discovered this blog by a serving British Warrant Officer, whose comments are not on 'small wars' and focus on the problems the British Army face.

Those problems? Well this is a taster:
As I have said in my previous blogs, I believe the Army stands at a crossroads; it can either reform or die. The woes of the British Army are manifold: too little money, an enormously expensive wage and pension bill, the weight of almost four hundred years of tradition, the growth of the compliance and assurance model, and a feeling that something is going to give. The reaction to these issues, thus far, has been to adapt the stasis, to make do and mend, to do more with less. This has created an Army with a haunted look, constantly looking in its purse for loose change, trying to afford the clothes of an imperial power on the wages of a middle-manager. This desperation has also manifested itself in a culture of feral innovation, where the ambitious innovate and adapt at an ever-faster rate, their ideas crashing into one another through lack of co-ordination, in an attempt to be seen as part of the solution and not the problem. It doesn’t have to be this way, we could just choose to stop; instead of slicing the salami ever thinner, lets have ham instead. It is my earnest belief that the British Army has to urgently address three question: What is its raison d’etre? How can it best deliver its desired effect? How can it deliver at much reduced cost? The answer to those questions can only be found by wholesale and wide-ranging reform, a reformation where no subject is taboo, and nothing is ring-fenced.

His 'About' section:
A serving Warrant Officer in the British Army and shortly to become a PhD student; I hold a MA in Military History from the University of Birmingham, a RAF Chief of the Air Staff’s Fellowship, and am a Henry Probert Bursar of the RAF Historical Society. I am also a Judge on the British Army Military Book of the Year Prize and have recently devised a series of defence studies talks at Prince Consort Library in Aldershot.
The main thread for the British Army is in another arena and is UK military problems & policies
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