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Adversary / Threat One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. Talk about (or with?) them.

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Default 8 things you need to know about terrorist decision making

Dr Paul Gill, from UCL, a SME on terrorism, has a short article which is:
a breakdown on eight things terrorists consider when making a planning an attack, from an analysis of over 80 terrorist autobiographies

The 'eight lessons' are: Terrorist planning, Risk factor, Picking a target, Internal feelings, Finding the weakest link, Nerves and confidence, Perceptions of security and Past experience.

On a link he explains the project in a video clip (3 mins) and writes:
This project will start to build a better understanding of how terrorists make judgements about risk and security, and how this informs their actions (e.g., operational security measures, targeting decisions, hostile reconnaissance). As this is a relatively new area of academic inquiry, the team will start with the criminological literature to develop hypotheses, which will then be tested against two data sets.

Curiously he refers to 100 autobiographies, but the end result used eighty.

The author has another thread How do you spot a terrorist: , with views 20.4k views - which indicates his value.

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Originally Posted by davidbfpo View Post
The author has another thread How do you spot the terrorist? , with views 20.4k views - which indicates his value.

404'd, try

Thanks, link amended.
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