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Default A History of United Nations Peacekeeping - Thematic Bibliography

A History of United Nations Peacekeeping - Thematic Bibliography

Entry Excerpt:

Read the full post and make any comments at the SWJ Blog.
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Default The role of leadership in UN failures

I've not seen much written on how largely bureaucratic UN "leaders" manage to fail, miserably in their mission, yet continue to persist in their role, or even gain promotion.

As part of a project spanning 2012 - 2015, I encountered a particularly smelly human turd named "Martin Kobler".

This "gentleman" has an auspicious history studded with failures, largely attributed to his incompetence and his blatantly anti-military prejudice. He is considered by many I spoke to as contemptuous of military people and disregards his military advisers.

The Wiki page briefly covers the debacle he helped make in Iraq, but it doesn't cover the disaster he oversaw in DRC.

His public statements were telling: When he was criticized for his troops being barracks bound while civilians were being massacred by LRA, he stated "We cannot be everywhere." and that "He would march his forces around the jungle continuously" until he defeated the rebels. Not surprisingly, later that week, his exhausted and frustrated troops, having finally left their barracks to "march around the jungle continuously" machine-gunned a group of cars that were stuck in a traffic jam and blocking their way.

I wish I could post the paper I wrote, here, but it's owned by my former employer.
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Default World's most dangerous peacekeeping mission

A short BBC report, topical as the focus is Mali:

Why the most dangerous?
Mali (Minusma) - 53 deaths
  • Sudan (Unamid, hybrid mission in Darfur with African Union) - 48 deaths
  • DR Congo (Monusco) - 18 deaths
  • South Sudan (Unmiss) - 17 deaths
  • Ivory Coast (Unoci) - 16 deaths
Source: UN figures from 2013 up to 31 October 2015, excluding deaths from illness
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