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Adversary / Threat One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. Talk about (or with?) them.

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Default Anyone can be a terrorist

A short, excellent BBC World Service podcast (23mins), using four experts to answer the question: What Kind of Person Becomes a Violent Jihadi? I caught Marc Sageman and Andrew Silke's names. The summary:
For decades researchers, academics and psychologists have wanted to know what kind of person becomes a terrorist. If there are pre-existing traits which make someone more likely to kill for their beliefs – well, that would be worth knowing. In this edition of The Inquiry – part of the BBC World Service Identity Season – we tell the story of that search for a ‘terrorist type’. It’s a story which begins decades ago. But, with the threat from killers acting for so-called Islamic State, finding an answer has never felt more pressing.

One expert towards the end says words akin to:
Friends radicalise friends, nowt else. In Belgium two men started the recruiting off.
The presenter says words akin to:
After the next attack questions will be asked. What kind of person would do this? Anyone.
Marc Sageman has a very short comment:
Intelligence analysts know everything, but understand nothing....his ex-colleagues don't have the skills to find out why some people turn to political violence.

By coincidence and being a post-arrest report maybe inaccurate, The daily Mail reports an arrest of an ISIS suspect in Majorca, Spain under the headline:
Revealed: 'ISIS recruiter' arrested in Majorca is Moroccan immigrant 'cocaine dealer' who worked as a chef at a tourist resort hotel

There are several threads on this theme, so yes one day it will be merged.
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