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Default Reader's Choice for Reading #4

So, for reading #4, I figured I'd give you all a choice between two of my favorite books. I'll tally the votes by December 10.

Sayyid Qutb's Milestones
- Four of its chapters were originally destined for the 30-volume tafsir Qutb published, but since that's impractical to read, there is this little gem of Islamist philosophy instead. Whether this book is a ground-breaking work of a genius by a hero/martyr describing the path towards Islamic revival or tome extolling hatred written by a paranoid, illogical coward depends on your outlook on life. It would be helpful to review Lenin's works before you read this.


Jalal al-e Ahmad's Gharbzadegi
- Published in secret in 1962 by the noted writer and poet, Ayatollah Khomeini wrote,
The poisonous culture of imperialism [is] penetrating to the depths of towns and villages throughout the Muslim world, displacing the culture of the Qur'an, recruiting our youth en masse to the service of foreigners and imperialists...*
Although Ahmad died in 1969, many consider Gharbzadegi to be the intellectual spine of the Islamic Revolution. Being familiar with the Existentialist movement in France will be helpful.

*[Islam and Revolution: Writings and Declarations of Imam Khomeini, (1981), p.195]
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