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Default CAR: Fragile, failed and forlorn

The Central African Republic: $2.2 Billion Won’t Buy Peace

Read the full post and make any comments at the SWJ Blog.

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Default Blue helmets and 'red lines' with attack helicopters in reserve

A rare BBC report on the CAR and the problems facing the UN peacekeepers, known as MINUSCA; with the faraway setting in Washington DC:
Welcome to the world of the warlords. We may be seeing a lot more of them if President Trump keeps his promise to scale back American support for UN peacekeeping. Currently the US supplies 28.57% of the total budget for UN deployments.
I was not aware MINUSCA had attack helicopters:
The fact that UN attack helicopters were deployed at the weekend proves this. Not only in the CAR, but in trouble spots across the globe there will be warlords and beleaguered civilians watching what happens next.

Since this conflict is often along Christian -v- Muslim lines, would President Trump remove funding?

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