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Default Kansas State University Security Studies


I know there are many people here from the Leavenworth army and "military academia" in general. So, does anyone have any info regarding the KSU security studies program? I am considering it for my graduate studies program.


Are they generally considered prestigious?

Does anyone know the professors (and what are they like)?

How well connected are they to the various institutions at Fort Leavenworth?

Except for the departments website, I haven't really found any information on the internet.

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Default in re: red raven

Probably very busy, but send CAVGUY a PM
Say hello to my 2 x 4
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I think an important question is what's your intent? Do you plan on using it within DoD, or to seek a position in civilian academia?
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I am definitely planning on taking the DoD (or other federal government) route. But, I am not averse to academia.
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