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Default IS and the car bomb IED / VBIED

A comprehensive explanation of the use, construction and more of IS VBIEDs from an unheard blogsite, but recommended today via Twitter. The history and adaptability of the Islamic State car bomb. I say comprehensive from my "armchair".


The author is Swedish. There are numerous photos and stats.

From the conclusion, the first paragraph:
The VBIED is not something that anyone is ever going to be able to eliminate from the battlefield, and IS have mastered the art of its usage. VBIEDs are the most central and core tenet in their philosophy of war, and has allowed them to project a military power far more sizable than their actual military force.
Created for maximum visibility and one day this thread will be merged into the main thread:Roadside Bombs & IEDs (catch all)

That thread started in November 2005 and was active till March 2010, when it was closed and re-opened in late 2016 for three posts to be added. It has 254 posts, with 107k views.
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