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Default Question 2: Reasoning and thinking skills

I believe it was Bacon who said men should be taught what to do and Milton who argued that wisdom was all we needed. The military of today is one of the fastest changing and adaptive human enterprises on the planet. Moment to moment reasoning and critical thinking skills are important. That being said reactive and kinesthetic skills are incredibly important that occur without conscious thought.

This would seem to be polar opposite requirements. Think and reason deeply while not thinking and simply reacting.

Scenario and role playing are common techniques that help with this type of deep reaching generalized and often under utilized education.

How will TRADOC in the future expand and coalesce around this as the weapons and soldiers of the near future are called upon to adapt so rapidly? Are there foundational aspects to education and doctrine that can be considered or have been considered for future inclusion (begging my pardon if in ignorance they already exist) in training packages?
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