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Presley Cannady
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Default Military Leadership Diversity Commission issues report

Here you go:

Key take aways:

1. Diversity is good for just about anything. Not sure why. Also, Vietnam sucked so hard in part because US forces were less diverse than the authors would've liked.
2. Womanize the combat arms.
3. Do something to expand the recruiting pool. Precisely what to do is left as an exercise to the reader because apparently a Commission spending two years on recommendations can't...well...recommend anything.
4. Transparency is also good for just about anything. Commission doesn't consider whether lack of transparency has anything to do with the Vietnam War, or diversity for that matter.
5. Do something to improve "personnel and finance systems." See 3.
6. Language expertise is good for just about anything. "Expanding focus" is apparently a meaningful turn of phrase these days. Again, See 3.
7. All the above applies to the Coasties, too.
PH Cannady
Correlate Systems
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