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Default The Myth and Reality of Iraq’s al-Hashd al-Shaabi

A report (19 pgs) from Germany by a US defence academic @ NDU, Hassan Abbas, whose speciality is Pakistan and the region. Not yet read, but these Iraqi non-state forces rarely get extensive coverage.

The long title: 'The Myth and Reality of Iraq’s al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Forces):A Way Forward'.

The paper aims to:
The policy paper focuses on three primary issues: a) the prevailing status and workings of the Hashd forces; b) relevance of local and regional politics to the security dynamics of Iraq; and c) policy recommendations for the Iraqi government and its allies on how to think about the future of the Hashd and secure Iraq better. For this purpose, a range of questions are framed for analytical purposes dealing with the strength and weaknesses of the Hashd forces, their local and regional sponsors, their capabilities and activities on the ground including allegations of human rights violations, concerns of Sunni Iraqis with regard to sectariandimensions of this phenomenon and last but not the least as regards the agenda and planning of the Iraqi government for security sector reform.
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