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Default WWII Persian Gulf Command

Apart from the unit's internal history and the brief account in the Army's official history of WWII, if you know of any resources -- and especially any veterans -- of the WWII Persian Gulf Command, please direct them my way. I would like to incorporate an analysis of PGC in a history of U.S.-Iraqi foreign relations I am currently writing, due for publication in fall 2009. Thank you. Professor B.
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Default Persian Gulf Command

I'd have thought the command's main role was to co-ordinate on logistics, primarily with the UK and the host nations. The railway through Iran was used for aid to the USSR and I have a vague recollection stats on this are in published histories. Iran was of course divided into British and Russian spheres of influence.

There maybe valuable clues in accounts of the Tehran Summit, in 1943? I read an account of Churchill a few years ago, which detailed the local arrangements and his method of transport. How did FDR get there? What local, non-Embassy presence was there? Churchill had a British infantry battallion guard; odd I thought as Tehran was in the Soviet zone?

Check the accounts of the oil industry for clues. Was this not the time the USA made it's impact on Saudi Arabia?

Good luck.


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Default New book on the Persian Gulf Command

Thread re-opened ten years since the last post! PM & email to original poster.

A short article that summarizes a new book, due out in May 2018 by Professor Ashley Jackson, which ends with:
Persian Gulf Commandis the story of the travails of state development in Iran and Iraq, of diplomacy, geopolitics, and the age-old contest between imperialism and nationalism. It is a tale of invasions, coups d’état, logistics, covert operations, scorched earth, high politics, and warfighting on land and in the air, set against the backdrop of local societies suffering the familiar blights of world war, including rampant inflation, food shortages, rationing, friction between occupying forces and civilian populations, and the migration of refugees. It is a story that begins with the interwar evolution of the Iranian and Iraqi states, one under the Qajar dynasty, the other under the Hashemite, a process shaped by the proximity of great powers and the presence of oil, and ends with the recolonization of Iraq and intense intra-Allied competition in Iran.

Link to book via publisher's website:

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