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Equipment & Capabilities Relevant capabilities and equipment are table stakes for winning those hearts and minds.

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Default South Korea's Dokdo-class amphibious assault ships

South Korea may turn its amphibious assault ships into nascent aircraft carriers—according to a report by the Yonhap News Agency, at least. In a report from late last month, Yonhap claimed that South Korean military officials are considering a plan to reconfigure their fourteen-thousand-ton Dokdo-class amphibious assault ships to carry the F-35B.
South Korea already has one Dokdo-class ship and is the process of building another one. The lead vessel was launched in 2005 and commissioned in 2007. At the time, South Korea intended to build three ships, but funding constraints caused Seoul to eventually cancel the third—and temporarily, the second one as well, but funding for that one was later restored. The ships displace fourteen thousand tons when empty, but up to eighteen thousand tons when fully equipped. Media reports say the ships can carry up to fifteen helicopters and roughly 720 marines.

Got curious. Enjoy.
The Dokdo Class can carry up to 720 troops, plus a mix of helicopters, tanks/armored vehicles, and wheeled vehicles. Transport to shore is accomplished via landing ships or LCAC hovercraft. The Dokdo Class is only 2/3 the size of Australia’s new Canberra Class, and just over 1/3 the size of the USA’s Wasp Class; but Dokdo is the largest ship in the South Korean Navy.
For defense, they will rely on a combat system from the Samsung Thales Corp. joint venture. It will rely on Thales’ SMART-L long range 3 dimension search radar, with a detection and tracking range of 400 km/ 240 miles. For defensive responses, it can coordinate a SeaRAM guided missile system, 2 Thales “Goalkeeper” 30mm CIWS systems, and various decoying systems. Even so, support from Korea’s frigate-sized KDX-II destroyers and new KDX-III King Sejong Class AEGIS destroyers will be essential.

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