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Using CvC means that you need to know the true political intents to make a judgement. I would delay that enterprise for 50 years...

The Israelis got primarily an unexpected benefit; a wake-up call concerning their shortcomings.

Hezbollah survived and gained reputation, but doesn't seem to see much promise in risking the same with a repetition.
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Default Sitrep?

Originally Posted by Zack View Post
I am just beginning research for my MA thesis, which (I think) will be about the use of air power against irregular foes, and how effective that is.
How did your thesis go, Zack?

I'd love to see a copy.
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From the French center for the study of doctrine: "Le Hezbollah face aux forces armées conventionnelles""

Né du chaos lié à l'invasion israélienne du Liban en 1982 et nourri par les luttes d'influences entre puissances régionales dont le Liban est le théâtre pendant les années 1980, le Hezbollah s'est s'affirmé comme un acteur significatif au pays du cèdre et dans tout le Moyen-Orient. Prospérant sous le regard bienveillant de la Syrie et de l'Iran dans un environnement où l'État n'était plus, le Hezbollah a cependant dû évoluer dès la fin de la Guerre Civile pour continuer d'exister. Groupe islamique révolutionnaire, il est devenu sous l'impulsion de Hassan Nasrallah un «Janus politique», tour à tour parti politique libanais, force paramilitaire, filet de sécurité social, et alternative contestataire à un système communautaire qu'il dénonce.



Mod's Note: the website has an English section, but this publication does not appear there, nor is there a translate option given when viewed. Good luck.

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Sorry if I oversaw that title in your list: “THE SECOND WAR IN LEBANON” ISRAEL-HEZBOLLAH WAR OF 2006 WAS AIR POWER ABLE TO ACCOMPLISH THE GOALS OF THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENT?" By Col. Scott E Manning from the Air War College.
You will find it throuhg a Googel search.


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Default Ups..

I guess I was a bit late. Simply did not watch the date of the entry...Sorry.

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Default Civil-military lessons from the 2006 Hezbollah war

Civil-military lessons from the 2006 Hezbollah war

Entry Excerpt:

RAND’s Project Air Force division recently published a book-length analysis of Israel’s 2006 campaign against Hezbollah. Benjamin Lambeth, author of Air Operations in Israel’s War Against Hezbollah, attempts to make the case that the Israeli Air Force (IAF) executed a highly competent campaign against Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. Yet Lambeth readily acknowledges that a tarnished reputation now hangs over the overall campaign and the government and high command that led the 34-day war. According to Lambeth, blame for the perceived failure rests with top civilian leaders, who impetuously rushed into asserting strategic goals they could not achieve, and with top military leaders who failed to give competent military advice to their civilian masters. Lambeth’s version of the 2006 war reveals important civil-military lessons for policymakers everywhere.

Click below to read more ...

Read the full post and make any comments at the SWJ Blog.
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Default The 2006 Lebanon War: A Short History

On SWJ two articles: and
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