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Default The "Wolf Closest to the Sled"

GEN Petraeus has referred to al Qaeda in Iraq as the "wolf closest to the sled."

Now, from a strategic communications standpoint, I like the use of homesy metaphors, but have some issues with that. Simply put, it sounds too darned Russian.

So I propose that we use our collective brain (and I'm assuming that there's only one that we rotate around among us) to come up with a better homesy metaphor for AQI

I'm still working on it, but I'm thinking of things like:

--A porcupine in the outhouse
--The flea closest to the dog's butt
--A Tennessean in Tiffany's
--Satan's socks

You get the drift. Chip in and do your part for national defense.

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1-The one thats lower than a snakes belly in a wagon rut.

2-They are like a sore tailed cat in a rocking chair factory.

3-Like a skunk that smells his own smell first.

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Here's a couple :

The pit bull closest to Michael Vick

The last honey barrel pulled out of the latrine

The 'gator nearest the general's dog (Tom Odom, down at Polk do they still tell the story about how George the gator got put in Alligator Lake.)
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Tom Odom
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Although Petraeus admitted that local militias are a problem and could potentially be a long-term issue, he said Al Qaeda remains "the wolf closest to the sled ... the enemy bent on causing the most sectarian violence, inflicting the most horrific casualties, and damaging the infrastructure in the most difficult way." He added that US forces were making progress, but they must continue to apply pressure on the terrorist group. "We have our teeth in them and we've got to keep them down," he said.
He really has teeth issues....

How about, "Hannibal Lector without a mask?"

Or going back further, "A Great white with only one barrel in him?"
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Originally Posted by Tom Odom View Post
How about, "Hannibal Lector without a mask?"
I like that one, but it may be a touch too modern. How about "the rabid fox in Iraq's henhouse"?
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Steve Blair
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The wolf closest to the herd (or flock).

Although I do have a fondness for more off-color expressions that don't really work for IO but might make the point better....
"On the plains and mountains of the American West, the United States Army had once learned everything there was to learn about hit-and-run tactics and guerrilla warfare."
T.R. Fehrenbach This Kind of War
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