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It Ain't Just Killin' Applying influence, working with civil and private agencies, dealing with non-combatants.

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Default Do you know what you don't know?

In the last few years, and more recently, I've been hearing some folks in the international development business who have worked or tried to work with military counterparts say that they hit a stone wall b/c their counterparts either directly or indirectly state that they know what the issues are and how to solve them. Amongst some in the development business, there's a belief that military counterparts don't get it and don't know that they don't get it.

I don't think the good folks at SWC are in this category (and I am not referring to anyone posting here), I'm just making a general statement that's obviously not true in every circumstance. I've just heard it enough now to throw it out there and see where it sticks (or hits back).

It no doubt goes the other way, too, and I've seen, heard and read evidence of this (I admit I am probably in this category).

Comments? Thoughts?
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