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Originally Posted by Cannoneer No. 4 View Post
Rocky Mountain News story here

Major Olmsted's blog at Rocky Mountain News here

Major Olmsted's Final Post here
You should read it.

Comments at Obsidian Wings and Rocky Mountain News
Major Andrew Olmsted and Captain Thomas Casey were both killed when we were ambushed. They both displayed tremendous courage under fire. I am proud to have served with them. They will be greatly missed. We were all blessed to have known them. They will always be my brothers in arms.Captain John Thompson
Nightmare 3
Posted by John Thompson on January 4, 2008 06:37 AM
Glad you posted this. I had known about it yesterday morning and considered doing the same, but I couldn't find the words to introduce it. Even now, I still am awed by Major Olmsted's foresight and courage to write it and arrange for it to be posted in the event of his death.

Good journey, Major.
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Default Just Devastating News

Olmsted, 38, dies in Iraq ambush; first casualty of '08
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I wasn't aware of his blog until now, and reading his final post I feel bad about missing it in the first place. Judging from that wonderful last post, which brought laughs and tears, he was an excellent writer, officer, and human being.

It's always amazing to be inspired by someone you never heard of and will never meet.

Godspeed and God's peace, Major.

"Give a good leader very little and he will succeed. Give a mediocrity a great deal and he will fail." - General George C. Marshall
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I was back in CO this past weekend and retrieved the Sat paper to see MAJ Olmsted's face splashed across the front page. Because I knew of his blog project, I was hoping for good news, but that was not the case.

I was impressed with his project and interested in his insights. Additionally, I was hoping to get first hand, near-real-time information on his TT experiences.

Wish I could read any fallout back home, as evidenced in letters to the editor.

Maybe someone in CO could keep us informed.
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