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9/11/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 09/11/2021 - 11:50am

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National Security News Content:

1. How America wasted its unipolar moment
2. What difference did 9/11 make?
3. Noncombatant Evacuation Operation - Afghanistan (Update)
4. History's 'what if' questions
5. The nobility of service in a post 9/11 world
6. Pakistan Is an Arsonist That Wants You to Think It’s a Firefighter
7. House committee demands answers on Afghanistan
8. U.S. Forces Were Training the Guinean Soldiers Who Took Off to Stage a Coup
9.  NSW Wraps Up SOF Phase of MALABAR with Partner Nations
10. Beyond Forever War: A Smarter Counterterrorism Approach Is Now Within Reach
11. America Did Al-Qaeda’s Work for It
12. Pro-PRC Influence Campaign Expands to Dozens of Social Media Platforms, Websites, and Forums in at Least Seven Languages, Attempted to Physically Mobilize Protesters in the U.S.
13. Jacksonian America: The Sleeping Giant Awakened by 9/11
14. Opinion | Biden is embracing a redefinition of war — but not an alternative to war
15. How Hollywood Sold Out to China
16. What the U.S. Has Learned About Fighting Terror Since Sept. 11
17. Drastic changes to military pay, benefits needed to meet rising personnel costs: report

Korean News Content:

1. Moon expresses sympathy to Biden, American people on 9/11 anniversary
2. Brookings Institution names Andrew Yeo as Korea chair
3. Talk of a Nuclear Deterrent in South Korea
4. Thinner, energetic Kim stands out at North Korean parade
5. Voice of America: [Washington Talk] North Korea 'reduced military parade'... What is the purpose of Wang Yi's 'visit to Korea'?
6. When Will the United States Have a Special Envoy for North Korean Human Rights?
7.  New cases in 1,800s for second day amid spread in capital area
8. North Korea's disappearing supply of soybean oil
9. Korea, China may be part of expert group monitoring Fukushima water release
10. [Kim Myong-sik] Pathetic ulterior motive of ‘fake news’ bill



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