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9/12/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sun, 09/12/2021 - 11:12am

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National Security News Content:

1. America's unfortunate 9/11 legacy: Low strategic IQ
2. 9/11 at 20: after war, what? From The Lancet
3. Opinion | The CIA Spent 20 Years on the Front Lines of the War on Terror. It's Time For That to Change.
4. Biden Declassifies Secret FBI Report Detailing Saudi Nationals' Connections To 9/11
5. A Crisis of Credibility: Why Non-Governmental Organizations are Struggling
6. FBI releases details of probe of Saudi’s alleged link to 9/11 – Operation Encore
7. Political uncertainty clouds China Inc.'s Afghanistan ambitions
8. China Makes Sure Everyone Writes Taiwan’s Name Just So—Even a Colorado High School
9. Afghanistan: Lessons From Cambodia
10. Biden Calls Xi as China-US Relationship Grows More Fraught
11. In Chinese eyes, ‘British are bastards’
12. The counterterrorism dilemma
13. Top National Security Posts Sit Empty, Mired in Senate ‘Purgatory’
14. Three terrorist suspects arrested in Indonesia
15. UN Mission to Afghanistan Relocates to Kazakhstan
16. Pak ISI Chief Hosts Security Meeting On Afghanistan With Intel Heads Of China, Iran

Korean News Content:

1. Analysis: Is Biden Summoning 'Strategic Patience' With North Korea?
2. N. Korea-linked hackers attempt to break into emails of Seoul's defense panel members
3. N.K. outlet accuses S. Korea of 'sharpening knife behind curtain of peace'
4. Army chief to visit U.S. for conference with counterparts from Indo-Pacific countries
5. Korea calls out Japan's decision to publish watered-down textbooks
6. 'Discussions on inter-Korean humanitarian projects make progress'
7. N. Korea calls U.S.-led Afghan war 'human rights crime'
8. After reining in Google, Apple, South Korean regulators turn to local tech giants
9. Trump: ‘Magnificent reality’ of denuclearized Korea within reach
10. Military competence matters
11. Defend yourself first
12. The Battle of Kumsong



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