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9/18/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Sat, 09/18/2021 - 10:42am

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National Security News Content:

1.  ‘It was a mistake.’ CENTCOM admits Aug. 29 drone strike killed civilians, not ISIS
2. Austin Swears in Pentagon's New Special Operations Chief
3. American Power After Afghanistan: How to Rightsize the Country’s Global Role
4.  Kyiv Airing Disappointment With Western Policies
5. Is the AUKUS alliance meaningful or merely provocation?
6. US-Australia submarine deal rocks NATO alliance
7. In Panjshir, Few Signs of an Active Resistance, or Any Fight at All
8. Labeling The Founding Documents ‘Offensive’ Is Just The Beginning Of The National Archives’ Spiteful Plans
9. This Marine officer wants to charge a general with ‘dereliction of duty’ over Afghanistan. (He can’t)
10.I Know General Milley, and He Was Just Doing His Job By James Stavridis
11. The Milley Miasma
12. Perspective | Milley’s calls reflect a crisis. But it’s not a military crisis.
13. Scientists created the world's whitest paint. It could eliminate the need for air conditioning.
14. How Chinese Strategists Think AI Will Power a Military Leap Ahead
15. Russian-Made Mi-17 Helicopter Flown By Secretive U.S. Unit Lands In Farmer's Field
16. 79 years after the first submarine-launched commando raid, Navy SEALs say it hasn't gotten any easier
17. How America Forgot It Needed to Understand The Enemy
18. Biden prepares to host historic ‘Quad’ summit at White House
19. The Taliban PR Campaign Has Not Ended, But Transformed

Korean News Content:

1. North Koreans Resentful of Missile Launches Amid Hunger and Poverty
2. U.S. remains open to dialogue with N. Korea: State Dept.
3. Six-party talks on North Korea's nuclear program may resume in 2021 — source
4. An arms race is heating up on the Korean Peninsula. Is the window for diplomacy closing?
5. North Korea Is on a Mission to Kill U.S. Missile Defenses
6. Peace process paradox: Why Moon is bolstering S. Korea’s armaments
7. EXPLAINER: Kim's launches show push to boost nuke arsenal
8. It’s the Launcher, Not the Missile: Initial Evaluation of North Korea’s Rail-Mobile Missile Launches
9. China's August exports to North Korea up for third month
10. BTS heads to New York for U.N. event as special presidential envoy