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9/20/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Mon, 09/20/2021 - 9:24am

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National Security News Content:

1. Biden pitching partnership after tough stretch with allies
2. US encircling China on multiple new Cold War fronts
3. Governments around the globe are limiting online services, content and access
4.  What Went Wrong in Afghanistan: A Primer 
5. Will the U.S. Navy Defend Taiwan From China?
6. Our remote warfare counterterrorism strategy is more risk than reward
7. AUKUS and Australian Nuclear Submarines: Just the Beginning?
8. China's military has an Achilles' heel: Low troop morale
9. How the U.S. Helped, and Hampered, the Escape of Afghan Journalists
10. A plan for rooting out extremism in the military: report
11. AUKUS is a victory for freedom, democracy and the rule of law
12. How the U.S. Nailed the Economic Response to Covid-19
13. Will Turkey’s Détente with Egypt and the Gulf Extend to the Horn of Africa?
14. Biden Says 'America's Back.' The World Has Some Questions
15. After 20 years of waging religious guerrilla warfare, Taliban fighters in Kabul say they miss the battle
16. US-China relations: two economies linked by financial risk can’t afford to go to war
17.  America's plan to build 747 arsenal ships packed with cruise missiles
18. The USA, China, and the “Whole of Society” approach
19. NEIL MACKAY'S BIG READ: Disney makes you sad. Jane Austen teaches you to kill ... meet the Scots genius who reveals all on the psychological science of stories

Korean News Content:

1.  N. Korea discounts S. Korea's new SLBM as 'clumsy product' in 'elementary' development stage
2. S. Korea to deploy homegrown SLBM next year: sources
3. N.K. says U.S-Australia submarine deal 'extremely undesirable,' vows to take counteraction
4. Highways clog with traffic as Chuseok exodus is in full swing
5. Ruling party chief says U.S. policy on N. Korea remains too 'vague'
6. North Korea warns U.S. risks "nuclear arms race" over submarine deal with Australia
7. North Korea's nuclear programme going 'full steam ahead', IAEA chief says
8. The U.S. Just Made Travelling to North Korea Easier—For Some
9. The South Korean Writer Locked Up for Daring to Go North: Hwang Sok-yong’s Memoir The Prisoner