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9/7/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Tue, 09/07/2021 - 8:31am

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National Security News Content:

1. Americans Stretch Across Political Divides to Welcome Afghan Refugees
2. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: How '9/11 mastermind' slipped through FBI's fingers
3. US helped 4 US citizens leave Afghanistan overland, official says
4. U.S. helps American family cross Afghanistan border to safety
5. Pentagon restarts 16 advisory boards after 7-month pause
6. China’s Industrial Planning Evolves, Stirring U.S. Concerns
7. The US military needs a seventh branch: The Cyber Force
8. Fascinating Infantry/Ranger Video
9. Joe Biden's Afghanistan Withdrawal: What Will History Say?
10. 9/11: The Way We Thought Then by Robert D. Kaplan
11. Kill Terrorists in Afghanistan from 'Over the Horizon'? Good Luck.
12. After Afghanistan: time for the Quad to take centre stage
13. Credibility Controversies: The Implications of Afghanistan for the Indo-Pacific
14. State Department accused of trying to take credit for rescue of 4 Americans from Afghanistan
15. US-built databases a potential tool of Taliban repression
16. The Latest: Blinken says US working with Taliban on flights
17. U.S. Working With Taliban on Flying Remaining Americans Out of Afghanistan
18. Taliban poised to unveil new government after claiming Panjshir
19. From Kabul to Kyiv: Strengthening Deterrence Amid Questions About American Resolve
20. There Is More War in the Classroom Than You Think
21. What Afghanistan Cost the CIA (book review)
22. How Afghanistan’s fall to the Taliban increases the global terrorism threat
23. It Is Time for Senior Military Reform
24. Taliban completes conquest of Afghanistan after seizing Panjshir
25. Afghanistan: The Warlords Who Will Decide Whether a Civil War Is Likely
26. America's Return to Realism
27. 'Keep your head on a swivel': FBI analyst circulated a prescient warning of Jan. 6 violence
28. Planes Chartered To Evacuate Americans And Others From Afghanistan Remain Grounded

Korean News Content:

1. N. Korea likely to hold military parade this week: sources
2. 2. S. Korea successfully tests SLBM from new submarine '
3. NATO accuses North Korea of ‘spreading dangerous technology’
4. N. Korea's trade with China plunges 82 pct on-year amid pandemic: unification minister
5. With restrictions lifted, South Korea launches $13B space power scheme
6.  Resuming dialogue with N. Korea 'pressing' matter: foreign ministry
7. N. Korea promotes demoted military chief to member of politburo presidium
8. 'Chinese FM's visit to South Korea is to curb US influence'
9.  ​Sources: Large numbers of North Korean soldiers die in hospitals for suspected COVID-19 patients
10. Military closely monitoring N.K. amid signs of military parade preparation
11. Post-Suga, no dramatic shift in Seoul-Tokyo relations expected
12. N.Korea Building High-Rise Apartments on Chinese Border
13. What Kim Jong-un May Learn from Biden's Chaotic Afghanistan Exit
14. High flying North Korean general promoted to senior party role
15. Kim Jong-un admits failure and calls for 'big leap forward' at rare North Korean party congress



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