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9/8/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary

Wed, 09/08/2021 - 10:18am

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National Security News Content:

1. Veterans groups, evacuees plead for action: ‘We are in some kind of jail’
2. State Dept. Working ‘at the Highest Levels’ to Clear Mazar-i-Sharif Charter Aircraft
3. Secretary Blinken’s Gibberish about Afghanistan
4. Hardliners take all key posts in Taliban government
5. ‘Strategic ambiguity’: Former INDOPACOM chief calls for Taiwan policy review amid Chinese buildup
6. The US military changed for the war on terror. Now, it has to change again, experts say
7. China Weighing Occupation of Former U.S. Air Base at Bagram: Sources
8. Global Hawk maker scores $40 million software contract for Japan, South Korea fleets
9. Why Israel’s transfer to US Central Command could help deter Iran
10. US aircraft carrier, destroyer busy in South China Sea despite Beijing’s new notification law
11. Marine Special Ops Command Hones its ‘Cognitive Raiders’
12. Special Operations Command Wants Tiny Cruise Missiles With Hundreds Of Miles Range
13. US over-the-horizon capabilities robust, but use requires ‘strategic refinement,’ experts say
14. ‘Dear America’: Gold Star Families Want ‘Archaic’ Support Systems Fixed
15. A Weapons of Mass Destruction Strategy for the 21st Century
16. Cyber Threats and Choke Points: How Adversaries are Leveraging Maritime Cyber Vulnerabilities for Advantage in Irregular Warfare
17. Lessons from Kabul: The US Military Must Resolve Its Air Mobility Dilemma
18. Strategic Drift in Afghanistan, from Bonn to the National Elections
19. Chinese, Russian narratives following US Afghanistan withdrawal present a US in decline
20. Emails prove State Dept refused to approve Afghan evacuation flights
21. Opinion: In defense of the much-maligned foreign policy establishment by Max Boot
22. Analysis | American diplomats recall 20-hour days, sleeping in Kabul airport while helping those desperate to flee
23. Archive Find Could Hurt China’s ‘Historic’ Claim To Paracel Islands
24. ‘Like Game of Thrones’: how triple crisis on China’s borders will shape its global identity

Korean News Content:

1. NSC officials stress U.S. has no hostile intent toward N. Korea
2. Restarting Yongbyon nuclear reactor is not violation of inter-Korean agreements, says Seoul official
3. Gov't struggles over news about Yongbyon
4. Foreign ministry, presidential office slammed for defending North Korea's suspected nuke program
5. A love affair with Pyongyang
6. 'Money or freedom': Is South Korea safe from China's infiltration?
7. North Korea boosts celebratory mood for founding anniversary
8. North Korea May Soon Stage First Military Parade Under Biden
9. South Korea develops submarine-launched missile often used to carry nuclear warheads
10. South Korea should spend more on defense and spend less time kowtowing to China
11. Former envoy: More focus on North Korean human rights
12. Navy launches new frigate equipped with anti-submarine torpedo
13. Hyesan officials intensify crackdowns on street vendors
14. Expert discussion on 'fake news' bill faces complications
15. Nearly half of Americans concerned about N. Korean nuclear program: report
16. No discussions with U.S. on USFK troop reduction: defense ministry



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