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  2. Pet Peeve - Trying to Apply M&S to Small Wars Issues
  3. Iraq maps
  4. Pentagon Tries Microwave Device to Stop Hi-tech Roadside Bombs
  5. USMC and SOCOM
  6. National Defense Magazine - Nov. Issue
  7. Dec Issue National Defense Magazaine
  8. Some Protective Vests Recalled, But Wearers Never at Risk
  9. Willy Pete as a WMD...
  10. Army Revamps for Flexibility
  11. "Joint Combat Pistol"
  12. Veteran Marines Reveal Best Gear for Deployment
  13. U.S. Military Chief Says Armor Improving
  14. slippery foam
  15. Transformation for What?
  16. Going to War With the Allies You Have
  17. New super-gun to be tested in Feb
  18. Restructuring SOF for Emerging Threats
  19. Bomb Buster for Iraq Hits Pentagon Snag
  20. Pentagon Plan Deemed Inadequate
  21. Virtual Reality Prepares Soldiers for Real War
  22. Overlap in U.S. Counterterror Effort
  23. Civil Affairs, Psyops Shift Away From SOCOM
  24. Marines Ban Polyester Clothing In Iraq
  25. U.S. Army Training
  26. Infantry Transformed by New Tools, Training
  27. Stryker collection (merged thread)
  28. Mock Iraqi Villages in Mojave Prepare Troops for Battle
  29. Pentagon Takes Robotic Vehicle Challenge to the Streets
  30. Humvee Turret Gunner’s Safety Suit
  31. Military Working Dogs
  32. Foreign Language Pay Increase
  33. Laser Guns: Safer Weapon, With Risk
  34. Commanders’ Wish List Makes for Wishful Thinking
  35. Securing Baghdad is a Numbers Game
  36. Army Tests Pinnacle Armor "Dragon Skin" Vests
  37. Global U.S. Troop Deployment, 1950-2005
  38. Military Getting High-Tech Help From SRI Lab
  39. Strap on stealth wings
  40. Kalashnikov Inventor Laments Proliferation
  41. The Trident Proposal
  42. The Hidden General
  43. Poor Communications Put Marines at Higher Risk
  44. 16 Senators Request More Naval Funding
  45. While Senators Stump For More Ships...
  46. Equipment: Congress Shortchanges Army, Marines
  47. Navy Will Shift Military Might To Shallower Waters
  48. Military Blimps Report for Duty
  49. Bolster Infantry Forces
  50. Marines Cut, Kill Programs To Improve Irregular Warfare Capabilities
  51. Misusing Special-Warfare Assets
  52. Military Transformed -- Better Gear, New Goals
  53. Official Touts Nonlethal Weapons for Use
  54. On U.S. Army / Marine Corps End-Strength
  55. Osprey collection (merged thread)
  56. Army, Marines Lack Agile Air Lift Capability
  57. USMC Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle Review Ordered
  58. A War Of Words
  59. Marines to Get New Body Armor
  60. The Transformation Mistake
  61. How to knock out a Brigade TOC
  62. Officers Leave Army Hurting
  63. GMLRS: Hitting the Target in Iraq
  64. An Army of One Less
  65. Interesting report from Camp Victory
  66. Spec Ops and the QDR
  67. Technologies of Deception Advancing
  68. Outfitting a Big-War Military with Small-War Capabilities
  69. An innovative use of Silly String
  70. U.S. Air Force Loses Out in Iraq War
  71. Uncle Sam Wants U.S. Muslims to Serve
  72. Adapting Equipment to the Reality of the Battlefield
  73. Tactical Bloggers?
  74. Cuts to FCS program
  75. The President’s Iraq Policy and Total Force Readiness
  76. Experts See No Threat in Copter Losses
  77. Problems Stall Pentagon's New Fighting Vehicle
  78. The Snake Eater Saga
  79. Manning, Equipping and Readiness Challenges Facing SOF
  80. Bees in a Box Buzz Bombs
  81. Who is the smallest Deminer ?
  82. Report: Israel to Supply Armored Vehicles to U.S. Marines in Iraq
  83. Revamped ORDATA (Ordnance Identification Tool) Available
  84. Let the Real War Begin
  85. Competing views on competing needs - Mass vs. Technology
  86. GP vs. Specialized Capabilities -- COIN & Beyond
  87. MAIC Announcement
  88. Brain Warfare
  89. Royal Navy gets 60 knot stealth boat
  90. Counterinsurgents Should Consider A "Fabrication Cell"
  91. EFPs; the new AK-47?
  92. Using Airmen and Sailors as Soldiers and Marines
  93. Airlift Capabilitiesfor Future US COIN Ops
  94. USAF and USN Comments on IED's and CAS
  95. Reaper to Afghanistan and Iraq
  96. Brits develop Mad Max Taliban chase vehicle
  97. Restructuring America’s Ground Forces (Shameless Self Promotion)
  98. An Airborne Expeditionary Unit?
  99. Our Future Combat Systems?
  100. "Does the Army Need a Full-Spectrum Force or Specialized Units?
  101. USAF MG (RET) Ricahrd Comer's Article in FEB AFJ on the USAF and IW
  102. Land Warrior Needs Work, Soldiers Say
  103. Military Readiness: Implications for Our Strategic Posture
  104. Satellite Shoot Down
  105. Marines Give Modular Tactical Vest (MTV) Thumbs Down
  106. The SC-MAGTF
  107. The BCT CDR's Role Security Force Assistance
  108. FCS in Jeopardy?
  109. Next Generation Solar....
  110. Ground-based ISR?
  111. Congressional amendments to the defense budget
  112. DoD Profligacy
  113. GAO Sustains Boeing KC-X tanker protest
  114. USAF SOF Recapitalization
  115. The Security Impact of the Neurosciences
  116. working with interpreters
  117. ACSW and Fuzed Airburst Rounds
  118. OPSEC/INFOSEC in Georgia
  119. All about Camouflage & BCU (inc cartoons)
  120. Iraqi M1A1s
  121. Afghanistan's Consolidated Fielding Center (CFC)
  122. Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization
  123. lets rethink Jointness
  124. Netfires - Tube Artillery - MLRS
  125. Wasteful Defense Spending Is a Clear and Present Danger
  126. Distant, Detached, Deceptive
  127. Tactical campaign planning for COIN/SSTR
  128. The Scripture according to Trijicon
  129. Tomahawks
  130. Club-K : Cruise missile in a conex box
  131. Enhancing Less Lethal capabilities within the Army?
  132. Glitch shows how much US military relies on GPS
  133. Why India decided to buy Javelin?
  134. Air2Water-A Possible Way to Reduce the Logistical Footprint
  135. Purpose of the MBT?
  136. TACSOP/Battle Book/TAM Formats?
  137. Biometrics (catch all)
  138. Do Special Operations live up to their role in Air Power support?
  139. Report of the 2010 Marine Corps Force Structure Review Group
  140. Light infantry foot mobility standards?
  141. Uniformed branch as copyright holder?
  142. Provide Me With...
  143. Pentagon’s Lightning Gun Sold for Scraps on eBay
  144. DARPA’s getting audited.
  145. Small Wars and 2013 DoD Budget
  146. Tactical wireless.
  147. Sea Gliders
  148. Missiles
  149. DEA FAST Operator Loadout????
  150. C-130 carrier launch.
  151. Innovative combat medicine
  152. Pedalcycling into war - might (e)Bikes be back?
  153. Pentagon wants real-world Iron Man tech for future fighting vehicles
  154. 21st Century Tech Intel & the Internet
  155. Pax Americana, Technological Readiness and broken weapons systems
  156. TERMINATOR was supposed to be a Horror Film...
  157. Innovative Biological Warfare tactics
  158. Novator 9M729: The Russian Missile that Broke INF Treaty's Back?
  159. The German Navy's Baden-Wurttemberg class Type 125 (F125) frigate
  160. South Korea's Dokdo-class amphibious assault ships
  161. Beijing's EW activities
  162. EW in Syria
  163. ‘Neuroweapons’
  164. Russia's Project 22350 'Admiral Gorshkov' class frigates