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  1. Kashmir: a simmering, sometimes brutal small war
  2. India-US relations: cooling and warming up (merged thread)
  3. How Sri Lanka defeated the LTTE
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  19. Pakistan: Inter Services Intelligence Directorate (ISI) - a collection
  20. Mumbai Attacks and their impact
  21. Pakistani people OK with drone attacks?
  22. China's String of Pearls
  23. The Idiot's Guide to Pakistan
  24. What is Pakistan Thinking?- Pew Survey 2009
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  26. Raymond Davis
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  28. AQ-Central to relocate?
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  30. Joint India Indonesian Army Exercise Garud Shakti Concludes.
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  32. The fallacies behind India’s Pakistan policy
  33. US 7th fleet base in Bangladesh?
  34. Poverty & Militancy do not mix!
  35. China -v- India in the Himalayas: flashpoint?
  36. Pakistan crumbling & rusty: a train journey
  37. Pakistan's Bin Laden dossier: no whitewash but a savage piece of self-analysis
  38. Indians seize MV Seaman Guard Ohio
  39. The China–Pakistan Axis Asia’s New Geopolitics
  40. Taming Pakistan: Modi Effect
  41. Tibetan ‘debut’ at Modi swearing-in
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  43. Two pylons down, a surge and Pakistan goes dark
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  47. Espionage case shatters Pakistan army’s myths