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  1. Ernesto "Che" Guevara
  2. Britain's small wars
  3. Vietnam War Collection: books plus
  4. France's war in Algeria: telling the story
  5. TE Lawrence: a merged thread
  6. Shaba II: The French and Belgian Intervention in Zaire in 1978
  7. Dealing with Haditha
  8. Rhodesian COIN (consolidated thread, inc original RLI)
  9. COIN in Algeria & Malaya and today's campaigns
  10. The Somme
  11. The Military History Debate
  12. Christmas at War
  13. Ireland 1919-1921
  14. Russian Bronze Statue in Estonia
  15. Historians and small wars
  16. Funding a Submarine Destroyer in 1939
  17. historical cases of cultural intelligence used in campaign planning?
  18. "Instant" History and "Dead Man" History
  19. El Salvador war: postscripts
  20. Gavins Paratroopers
  21. Sometimes the rhetoric just doesn't change...
  22. Second Congo War 1998-2003 Africa's world war
  23. Lewis and Clark's Airgun
  24. Book Review: Chasing Ghosts, Unconventional Warfare in American History
  25. Whose strategy is it anyway?
  26. LTC Bruce Crandall awarded the Medal of Honor
  27. Book Review: An Account...Col. James Smith
  28. Iran captures British sailors
  29. Time Tables for War?
  30. Insurgency & COIN in Greece (in WW2 and after)
  31. 1906 British "Small Wars" Manual?
  32. Indian War parallels
  33. Revolutionary Patterns
  34. The Egyptian-Yemen War
  35. "Blackhawk Down" - Letter from one pilot
  36. Anarchist / Anarchism & Terrorism : analogy
  37. Bronze and marble soldiers are being toppled across eastern Europe.
  38. The Desert One Debacle
  39. S.L.A. Marshall fact or fraud?
  40. Weimar Republic 1919-1933, analogy to Iraq
  41. Rangers, riflemen, skirmishers, and sharpshooters
  42. About this forum -- History
  43. 25 April - ANZAC Commemoration Day
  44. History departments and the search for truth
  45. The Result of Losing Korea?
  46. Managing COIN: Lessons from Malaya
  47. Who are the great generals?
  48. Two studies on U.S. Army COIN vs. the Apache
  49. Carl Schmitt's Theory of the Partisan
  50. Fiasco, the first draft of history
  51. Oman / Dhofar campaign: catch all
  52. Casebook on Insurgency and Revolutionary Warfare
  53. Iraq Isn't Like Vietnam -- Except When It Is
  54. 1967 - Israel's Wasted Victory
  55. Byzantium and Strategy
  56. Victims of Communism Memorial
  57. The Office of Strategic Services in WWII
  58. WWII U.S. War Dept. Field Guide to Iraq
  59. Books: 'The Pentagon: A History'
  60. Conference in Glasgow
  61. CIA to Air Decades of Its Dirty Laundry
  62. June 25, 1876
  63. The elusive Political Testament of Frederick II
  64. July 4, 1976: Entebbe raid
  65. Listing of past small wars
  66. Hell on Earth
  67. Lincoln County Cattle Wars: New Mexico Territory
  68. The President's Guerrilla Expert Vietnam
  69. AK47: the open-source weapon that took the world by storm
  70. Dien Bien Phu, Vietnam and the Defence of Australia
  71. Why Study War?
  72. Who coined the term "human terrain"?
  73. KGB Documents, 1940 - 1991
  74. Book Review: Scanderbeg, From Ottoman Captive to Albanian Hero
  75. On PBS: The War
  76. Remember the USS Liberty
  77. What caused the Yom Kippur / October 1973 War?
  78. With Patton in mind...
  79. Gertrude Bell Archive
  80. The overlooked, underrated, and forgotten ...
  81. October 12, 1918
  82. The British SAS catch all
  83. Tibbets dies
  84. WWII Persian Gulf Command
  85. Fighting Ideas with Ideas
  86. The Abuse of Military History
  87. Muhammad (SAAW) - The Warrior Prophet
  88. Searching for first hand accounts of UW
  89. Diderot's Small Wars en Français
  90. South Africa's COIN war in SWA/Namibia/Angola
  91. Blood And Thunder
  92. The Army and Marines and Military Government
  93. 1914-1945 campaigns in Iraq: Learning from the past
  94. Allen Dulles Digital Archive
  95. LTC Anthony Herbert
  96. Post-Cold War Conflicts
  97. Woody finally gets his medal!
  98. A precursor to America small wars
  99. Now this is Good Use of History to Inform
  100. The Nuts and Bolts of Empire - Professor Paul Kennedy
  101. His Cup Runneth Over: A Warrior's Thanks
  102. Political Context Behind Successful Revolutionary Movements
  103. Intervention in Iraq, 1958-1959
  104. life vs property-historical view of punitive action
  105. Who were/are the Greatest Political Leaders
  106. Armies decline after winning a war?
  107. The Blitz and Revolution
  108. PTSD in history, other cultures
  109. The Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988: books plus
  110. Jack Lucas dead at 80 years of age
  111. Why We Should Still Study the Cuban Missile Crisis
  112. Indian Revolt of 1857
  113. Persuasion and Coercion in Counterinsurgency Warfare
  114. A small war: Aden till 1967
  115. Human Terrain Teams and Russian history
  116. NKVD/KGB Activities and Cooperation with Secret Services in Central and E Europe
  117. Son Tay Raid MH-53M Pave Low IV Retired
  118. Leadership in History Pertaining to the Present
  119. Happy Birthday Uncle Sam
  120. Battle of Malakov, 8 September 1855
  121. At 81, Japanese vet makes rare return to Iwo Jima
  122. Sergeant York battle site
  123. Looking for historic Rand Counterinsurgency Symposium
  124. American Cryptology during the Cold War, 1945-1989
  125. MSG Roy P. Benevidez Aug. 5, 1935 - Nov. 29, 1998
  126. Bosnian War Logistics
  127. What Say You?
  128. Interesting Publisher
  129. General George S. Patton Assassinated?
  130. Effective Leadership in COIN: The NWMP in South Africa, 1899-1902
  131. The Human Element: When Gadgetry Becomes Strategy
  132. The Punch Below the Belt
  133. Jan Palach Week, 1989: Beginning of the End for Czech Communism
  134. Special Warfare - 1962
  135. Will Eisner and drawing for the US army.
  136. Nothing Changes
  137. Kaplan- The Revenge of Geography
  138. Some Things Never Change
  139. WWI and COIN
  140. collateral damage and historical memory
  141. The Role of the British Political Officer on the North West Frontier
  142. My reaction to Gen. Petraeus's dissertation...
  143. Admiral Nimitz and the soul of leadership...
  144. Everything You Know About Counterinsurgency History Is (possibly) Wrong!
  145. Origins of American Bellicosity
  146. Britain's war was ours too
  147. Foreign Relations of the United States
  148. Where did???
  149. Insightful bits about war
  150. Applying the lessons of late 19th/early 20th century asymmetrical warfare
  151. Guerrillas Near Washington DC
  152. Great War Forum
  153. What Would Byzantium Do?
  154. Roman vs. American COIN ops
  155. Indonesia and small wars in Southeast Asia-Post WWII?
  156. How Insurgencies End
  157. Selective Use of History in the Development of American COIN Doctrine
  158. James Madison - Greatest COIN leader in History
  159. Blair Mountain, WV (1921)
  160. Caesar and Petraeus
  161. Africa's Commandos - new book on the RLI
  162. German occupation of France(1940-1944)model for regime change?
  163. WWI and the AEF
  164. The Korean War (catch all)
  165. Non-Violent Insurgency: How Smart Rebels Win small wars
  166. Pershing's Punitive Expedition Report
  167. The history of the concept of the 'conflict curve'
  168. Palestine and British COIN (catch all)
  169. What problems lead to rioting? Catch all (new title)
  170. Small, Forgotten Small Wars
  171. Remembering WWII, 1941
  172. Anatomy of a Revolution
  173. ‘Epic’ SLA, LAPD Gun Battle Exhibit
  174. The evidence that backs up WW2 stereotypes
  175. Officer breaks rank over the Battle of Crete
  176. End of Empires: who and what was responsible? (post WW2)
  177. The British in French Indo-China 1945-1946
  178. The US Army in World War II
  179. À propos of Independence Day
  180. Small Wars pre-1914: Canadian input
  181. New evidence suggests Australian Boer War soldiers were innocent
  182. Command Responsibility and War Crimes: general discussion
  183. Declassified CIA Documents Reveal Details of Bay of Pigs Invasion
  184. Japan in China: 1937 - 1945
  185. All Stalin's wars, large and small
  186. Napoleonic guerilla warfare in Spain
  187. Son Tay raid: stop or go? Vietnam
  188. Happy Evacuation Day!
  189. Towton battlefield archaeology.
  190. Soviet Espionage Gevork Vartanian Legend Dies
  191. Well–preserved section of German trench excavated in Alsace | MailOnline
  192. Vietnam Veterans Day
  193. Understanding our wartime experiences...
  194. Legendary Chinese Bandit Recon LRRP Team 1st Bn (ABN) 8th Cav
  195. Modernization/Development Theory, CORDS, and FM 3-24?
  196. British Military Decline 1919-1939
  197. Volunteers!!
  198. The Road to the First Lebanon War: thirty years on
  199. The British Indian Army
  200. John le Carr and the OED.
  201. Sailing on Dhows and Junks
  202. 'Operation Delirium:' Psychochemicals And Cold War
  203. Listening to prisoners
  204. An American professor defends Stalinism
  205. Ranger Training 1942
  206. COIN in Africa: The Portuguese Way of War, 1961–1974
  207. What a platoon leader wore to storm Omaha Beach, 69 years ago today.
  208. Site of Earliest Known Urban Warfare Threatened by Syrian War
  209. Gettysburg GIS
  210. The British invaded almost 90% of the globe?
  211. Unit inactivations and unit lineage
  212. History of Military Operational Parachute Jumps
  213. Giap obituary: winner of three small wars
  214. The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914
  215. Colonial ranger units.
  216. Germany 1945-1949: a case study in post-conflict reconstruction
  217. D Day - 6 June 1944
  218. Could D-Day have been in 1943?
  219. Poland's overlooked Enigma codebreakers
  220. ‘Guardian’ interactive online WWI documentary
  221. Kamikaze Badgers -v- USN
  222. Learning from WW1 for today
  223. The last WW1 US soldier killed
  224. The Soviet Counterinsurgency in the Western Borderlands
  225. BJMH: online journal on Colonial COIN
  226. From the Scottish Highlands to San Marina, California
  227. Fight or Flight: Britain, France, and their Roads from Empire
  228. US Civil War Manuever
  229. A force to be reckoned with after 'small wars'
  230. India at Korean War
  231. Origins of the US War in Vietnam: The OSS Role in Saigon in 1945
  232. The fallen: yesterday and today
  233. Dutch Counter-Insurgency on Java, 1947 - 49
  234. Eisenhower's 1945 letter to Bletchley Park revealed
  235. Slaughter at the Bridge: A forgotten battle
  236. Kim Philby, British double agent, reveals all in secret video
  237. Transforming for Atomic War with Elvis and the US Army
  238. Scientia Militaria - South African Journal of Military Studies
  239. Dirty War: Rhodesia and Chemical Biological Warfare 1975-1980
  240. The Siege at Jadotville: The Irish Army’s Forgotten Battle
  241. Empire and its Legacy in the Middle East
  242. An obscure 'small war' in WW2
  243. WW2 German SIGINT: partly a success story
  244. M. Palokangas "Exploding wilderness :guerrilla-type activities in the Finnish art of"
  245. One woman in the right place at the right time (Mrs T)
  246. Understanding Russia: a warning from history
  247. WW1: a war the USA has forgotten?
  248. Mugabe-style COIN: Gukurahundi
  249. Empire Warriors: retreat from the British Empire in four films
  250. Falklands, reflections by members of 3 Para.