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Thread: Empire Warriors: retreat from the British Empire in four films

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    Default Empire Warriors: retreat from the British Empire in four films

    A 2004 BBC TV series 'Empire Warriors' that I missed; with four episodes on the 'small wars' as the British Empire retreated and discovered today. They use contemporary newsreel, interviews with veterans on both sides and some reconstructions.

    Part 1 Mad Mitch and His Tribal Law - in Aden 1967, with allegations of brutality by 'Mad Mitch' and his Scottish battallion:
    There is a small thread:A small war: Aden till 1967

    Part 2 The Jewish War - Palestine the birthplace of modern terrorism. The footage alas fills one quarter of the picture and the sound is distorted:
    There is a bigger thread:Palestine and British COIN (catch all)

    Part 3 The Intelligence War - in Malaya:

    Part 4 The Hunt for Kimathi - in Kenya, the Mau-Mau campaign:
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